Hi! I’m Curtis Smith. Thanks for stopping by.


That is most likely the question that brought you to this page.  I created this blog with the intent of sharing my journey from the world of telecommunications to the world of IT.  When I first considered leaving telecom (the only industry I have ever worked in) I first thought that might be too big of a leap.  I am now about to make the leap much sooner than anticipated.  The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences with others who may be considering a similar career transition but like me believed it would be too difficult.

To directly answer that question here are some answers:

  1. If you are considering jumping from a field that you have extensive experience in to a somewhat related field you have no experience in you should probably read my blog
  2. If you are considering learning a programming lmanguage you should probably read my blog.
  3. If you are a very experienced programmer who just wants to laugh at a java “noob” you should probably read my blog for a good laugh (although that is not very nice).
  4. If you are a recruiter looking to fill a vacancy for a highly skilled java programmer position please check out my contact information (although I am a beginner now my goal is to be your ideal candidate in the not too distant future).



Since this blog will detail the IT professional I am working to become I wanted to add a quick bit about what I have done up until this point.

I was a telecommunications professional who got my start before the World Wide Web did.  As such my experience in networking has been focused strictly on core network design and maintenance (TDM/SONET/ATM/GigE/IP).  At points in my career I was a Switch Technician, Electronics Technician (working on small office telecommunications equipment), Network Design Engineer, and Cisco Router Engineer.  During my career I was involved in some awesome projects:

  1. Hubble Space Telescope deployment
  2. GPS satellite constellation deployment
  3. WiFi Mesh Network covering 2 square miles of downtown Henderson, NV
  4. Sprint Network Vision Project

While my professional life was always in telecom on the personal side I have always loved gadgets from the early days with my Palm handheld to today with just about every smart device type available as well as several connected home devices.  I have also loved computing from an early age.  When I was in 6th grade my parents bought the first PC I would learn to program (in case you are wondering it was a Commodore 64 and I learned BASIC programming language).  It was at that point my future as a tech geek was set.

If you want even more details about my professional history please visit my Visual CV


Feel free to provide feedback in the blog comments – feedback is an incredible learning tool.  Also, if you have made a successful career transition let me know about it.